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Hao Carbide Co.,Ltd locates in Zhuzhou City, Hunan Province,which is famous for and the base city of tungsten carbide in China.

We focus on research and develope with quality tungsten carbide for 22 years, with international advanced technology in producing cemented carbide products under 13 levels quality control system. Our customers are global, which are from over 20 countries: such as Korea, USA, South Africa, the Netherlands, Germany, Iran, Pakistan, Israel, India and so on.

Our main products include: Unground solid tungsten/cemented carbide rods, Ground solid tungsten/cemented carbide rods,tungsten/cemented carbide rods with one coolant hole,tungsten/cemented carbide rods with two coolant holes,tungsten/cemented carbide bars and strips.

Looking forward to our future, we will do our utmost to update the technology of tungsten carbide industry. Hao Carbide is a team rich in ideal and passion. We will play an increasing important role in cemented carbide industry in china. The triumphant song of "Hao Carbide" are going on .

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HAO Carbide Co., LTD.

Catherine Tang
Tel: +86-731-22199705
Fax: +86-731-28260602
Mob: +86-13975383023
Email: Catherine@haocarbide.com
Web: www.hao-carbide.com

Office: World trade plaza, Hetang
district, Zhuzhou city,Hunan
province, China