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HAO Carbide Co.,Ltd is a modern high-tech enterprises in China, which is committed to research, development, production and sales of GBA High Class carbide series products. All staff in HAO Carbide tried their best to form technical team, which consist of senior engineers, secondary engineers, and technicians, who are excellent technical experts of each level. To manufacture leading high-quality tungsten carbide products exclusively.

For GB A High Class tungsten carbide, seven indicators----bending strength, hardness, porosity, graphite inclusions, 302 defects, average grain size of WC, Eta phase must be in conformity with the basic principles of National quality inspection standard GB/T18376.1-2001, GB/T18376.2-2001, GB/T18376.3-2001.

GB A high class tungsten carbide have two technical characteristics----“two high and one strict”, which means high purity original tungsten carbide basis and strict seven-grade quality inspection system as its security.To guarantee the tungsten carbide products provided by HAO Carbide be first class quality and unparalled service.

To meet the new development trends, HAO carbide people adhere to the mission “be responsible for the future ,be responsible for the customer, be responsible for the conscience”, and hold the value “customer first, care for staff,honest and trustworty,self-improvement”, then try their best to builda everlasting business with the passion of first love and perseverance ofpilgrimages.

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