Cemented carbide

Hardness and toughness:

WC-Co cemented carbide has a unique advantage in both hardness and toughness. Tungsten carbide (WC) itself has a very high hardness (beyond corundum or alumina) and its hardness is rarely reduced as the operating temperature increases. However, it lacks sufficient toughness, which is an essential property for cutting tools. In order to take advantage of the high hardness of tungsten carbide and improve its toughness, metal binders are used to bond tungsten carbide so that the material has a hardness far exceeding that of high-speed steel while being able to withstand most cutting processes. Cutting force. In addition, it can withstand the high temperatures of cutting produced by high speed machining.

Today, almost all WC-Co tools and inserts are coated, so the role of the matrix material seems less important. But in fact, it is the high modulus of elasticity of the WC-Co material (the measure of stiffness, the room temperature modulus of WC-Co is about three times that of high-speed steel) provides a non-deformable substrate for the coating. The WC-Co matrix also provides the required toughness. These properties are basic properties of WC-Co materials, but they can also be tailored to material properties and microstructures when producing cemented carbide powders. Therefore, the suitability of tool performance to a particular process is highly dependent on the initial milling process.

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