How to choose carbide rectangular bars?

Carbide strips have different grades according to their different properties and application. The most commonly grades are the YG series ,such as: YG8 rectangular bars, YG3X rectangular bars, YG6X rectangular bars, YL10.2 rectangular bars; in addition, there are YT series of rectangular bars, such as: YT5 hard alloy strips, YT14 hard alloy strips; and YD201 hard alloy strips, YW1 Carbide strips, YS2T hard alloy strips, etc.

Different grade have different physical and mechanical properties. So you need to choose the right grade based working condition. But how to choose carbide rectangular bars? Or carbide strips? 

Tips as follows:

1. When buying carbide strips, you must understand the alloy grade, which is the physical performance parameters of the hard alloy strips. This is very important!

2. When you purchase the carbide strips, you should check the dimensions. The precise size of the carbide strips could save your time of deep processing, thus improving your production efficiency and reducing your processing costs.

3. When purchasing carbide strips, pay attention to the flatness of the inspection plane, the geometrical tolerances such as symmetry, and the high quality of the alloys and strips with high precision of the geometrical tolerances. The quality of the products is much higher and the processing is much simpler. .

4. When buying carbide strips, Double check the surface whether there are any defects,such as chipping, cornering, rounding, rubber, bubbling, deformation, lifting, and over burning. High-quality carbide strips do not have the aforementioned defects.

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