Tungsten alloy blocks

Tungsten alloy block/cube

Alias: High specific gravity tungsten alloy block

Raw material: tungsten alloy

Tensile strength: 800~1000MPa

Characteristic: High

Performance of Tungsten alloy block/cube

  1. Tungsten alloy blocks have excellent physical and chemical properties, such as high density, hardness, ductility and resistance to high temperature corrosion.
  2. High density: tungsten alloy blocks are made of high specific gravity tungsten alloy and are therefore very dense, reaching more than twice the density of ordinary steel.
  3. Good machinability: Because of its ductility, tungsten alloy blocks can be machined by turning, milling, planing, threading and tapping, and can also be rolled, forged and forged to strengthen various shapes of parts.
  4. Good ductility: the block products made of W-Ni-Fe high density alloy have very good ductility, the elongation of its sintered state can reach 10%~15%, after the vacuum or atmosphere dehydrogenation treatment, the elongation can be increased to 20%~30%.
  5. High tensile strength: the tensile strength of tungsten alloy plate in the sintered state is 800~1000 MPa, and its strength can be increased to 1300~1500 MPa after heat treatment and deformation processing treatment.
  6. Good electrical properties: The material has good electrical properties such as electrical conductivity, corrosion resistance and high voltage resistance.
  7. Good thermal conductivity and low coefficient of linear expansion: its thermal conductivity is 5 times that of mould steel, and its coefficient of linear expansion is only 1/2 to 1/3 that of iron or steel.
  8. Good corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance.
  9. Good weldability: the high density alloy can be brazed with copper and silver solder and can be plated.

Applications of Tungsten alloy block/cube

Tungsten alloy block a commonly used metal counterweight. They can be used for military defence counterweights, such as those for guns, prefabricated fragments and military weapons. In addition to its use in the military industry, tungsten alloy blocks are also used in the civilian industry, for example in automotive counterweights, ship counterweights and sports equipment counterweights. In the medical industry, tungsten alloy blocks are used in the manufacture of medical shields and other components. Tungsten alloy blocks are a special material that maintains good performance in high temperature and high pressure environments, so the material is widely used in such special environments.
Typically, tungsten blocks are used to make weapons components, extrusion dies and counterweights such as speedboat counterweights, vehicle configurations, aircraft counterweights, helicopter counterweights, ship counterweights and tank counterweights. Extrusion tooling is a forming technique used in the processing of materials, which involves squeezing a workpiece into a hard die, thereby reducing its cross-section and increasing its strength. Due to their high melting point and resistance to corrosion, tungsten blocks are widely used as components in extrusion dies. Counterweight parts are one of the main uses of tungsten alloy blocks, not only because of the high density of tungsten alloy products, but also because of some other special metal properties, such as good corrosion and oxidation resistance and good machinability, which can increase the service life of tungsten alloy blocks.

Materials of Tungsten alloy block/cube

Depending on the application, tungsten blocks can be manufactured from tungsten-based alloys of different compositions and ratios. W-Ni-Cu and W-Ni-Fe alloys are the two most used alloys.

1,W-Ni-Cu alloy

W-Ni-Cu alloy is mainly made of W, Ni and Cu powder by mixing and pressing and sintering. Among them, the W content is generally 80% to 90%, adding Ni and Cu binder, forming a two-phase alloy after sintering in the liquid phase, with a density close to the theoretical density. In this alloy, the remaining content in addition to W and Ni is the copper content. Copper in the alloy improves the strength and plasticity of the tungsten alloy. In terms of properties, the alloy has no magnetism for special applications and other physical properties are the same as the overall properties of the tungsten alloy.

2,W-Ni- Fe alloy

W-Ni- Fe alloy is made of W, Ni and Fe powder by mixing and pressing and sintering. The content of tungsten is the highest, reaching 80% to 90% while nickel and iron play the role of binder. After sintering in the liquid phase a two-phase alloy is formed with a density similar to the theoretical density. Nickel is an essential element in the liquid phase sintering process and is generally present at 0.5% to 12%, if it is greater than 12%, the heat and corrosion resistance of the alloy will be reduced. The iron content is generally between 0.5% and 8%, if greater than 8% the brittleness of the alloy will increase. Iron in this alloy increases strength and plasticity. These alloys have some magnetic properties and can be used as core material for armour piercing ammunition, high momentum fragments such as submunitions, counterweights and other industrial applications. The strength and plasticity of this alloy is superior to that of the W-Ni-Cu alloy.

Applications of Machining

Tungsten alloy blocks are machined using metal injection moulding techniques that are similar to forming techniques and are more likely to produce high quality precision components than conventional machining methods. Compared to cast, powdered and metal injection moulded parts, the direct production of small, complex shaped tungsten blocks of approx.0.1 gto200 gcan achieve tolerances of 0.1 - 0.5 %, while the mechanical properties are higher compared to tungsten blocks with densities of 95 - 99 %. Material utilisation with no or only minute quantities can be as high as 97%, while manufacturing tolerances for general dimensions are small, reproducible and of adjustable material composition, with high performance in terms of surface finish, improved strength and heat treatment resistance of fine parts.

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