Tungsten carbide stirps or cemented carbide strips

Carbide strips are referring the rectangular tungsten carbide rod, also known as tungsten carbide flats.It is produced by the same way as carbide rod, through powder(Mainly WC and Co powder as per formula) mixture, ball milling, spray tower drying, extruding, drying, sintering, (and cutting or grinding if necessary) final inspection, packing, then delivery, middle inspection is done after each process to make sure only the qualified products can be moved to next production process.

The carbon sulfur analyzer, HRA tester, TRS tester, Metallographic microscope(Check microstructure), coercive force tester, cobalt magnetic tester are used to inspect and make sure the material of carbide strip is good qualified, besides, drop test is added specially to the carbide strip inspection to make sure there is no material flaw in the whole long strip. And the size inspection as per order.

Cemented carbide strips have excellent hardening properties, high hardness, good wear resistance, high elastic modulus, high compressive strength, good chemical stability (acid, alkali, high temperature oxidation resistance), low impact toughness, and expansion coefficient Low, thermal conductivity, electrical conductivity similar to iron and its alloys.

Application of carbide strip:

Woodworking blades.

Cut to small pieces to be welded as cutter blades.

Grinding support plate in grinding machines.

Other applications.

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