Customized pure tungsten sheet for medical use

Customized pure tungsten sheet for medical use

Executive Standard GB/T 4187-2017

【Item】99.95% Pure tungsten sheet

【Grade】W1(99.95% pure tungsten)


【Specification】According to customer requirement


【Brand】HAO Carbide

【Country of Origin】ZhuZhou,China

【Usage】For electrode,shield

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The melting point of tungsten is the highest of all metallic elements, the density (19.3 g/cm³) is high and close to that of gold, and the hardness of tungsten is also very high, such as tungsten carbide, which is close to that of diamond. In addition, tungsten has good electrical and thermal conductivity, a small coefficient of expansion and other characteristics, and is therefore widely used in alloys, electronics and chemicals, with cemented carbide being the largest consumer of tungsten.

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