High precison Tungsten Cemented Carbide bearings D9×5.9-R4

High precison Tungsten Cemented Carbide bearings D9×5.9-R4

【Item】High precison Tungsten Cemented Carbide bearings



【Specification】According to customer requirement


【Brand】HAO Carbide

【Country of Origin】ZhuZhou,China

【Usage】For wear-resistant parts

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Product info

Tungsten Carbide WC radial bearings, is the use of high-temperature furnace sintering process method, from the body with tungsten carbide powder and cemented carbide, after sintering fusion, and then after mechanical processing. Carbide WC bearings are widely used in the petroleum industry.

Tungsten Carbide WC bearing is one of the important accessories in the screw power drilling tool for oil exploration drilling, it mainly bears the radial load generated by the power drilling tool drive shaft during operation, so the quality performance of carbide bearing is directly related to the high life of the whole drilling tool.
The Tungsten Carbide WC bearings produced by HAO Carbide, also known as carbide bearings, are made by high temperature furnace sintering process method, which consists of tire body with tungsten carbide powder and cemented carbide, sintered and fused into one, and then machined.
The sintered layer is firmly bonded to the steel body without flaking or falling off and has a life expectancy of 300 hours or more.
HAO Carbide can supply all kinds of radial bearings (WC bearings) for all sizes of screw drilling tools, with outer diameters ranging from Φ50 to Φ290, and can also be designed and manufactured according to customer requirements.

Grade information for tungsten  cemented carbide

Grade ISO Physical  property Recommended Uses
Density Hardneess T.R.S
g/cm3 HRA N/mm2
YG6 K10 14.7-15.1 89.5 1700 Suitable for low stress tension moulds or as wear resistant wear parts.
YG6X K10 91.5 1600
YG8 K20 14.6-14.9 88.5 1800 Commonly used in tension moulds where the stress is not too great, or as a wear-resistant wear part.
YG8A K20 89 2500
YG10 K40 14.3-14.7 88 2200 Commonly used in tension moulds or as wear-resistant parts.
YG13 K40 14-14.5 87 2700
YG15X K40 13.8-14.2 88.5 3000 Commonly used in high compression tension dies, top forging piercing and stamping tools under high stress.
YG15 K40 86.5 2800
YG20 K40 13.4-13.8 85 2600 Commonly used for making cold heading, cold punching and hot forging dies for standard parts.
YG20C K40 82 2500
YG25C 13-13.2 80 2200
YN9 14.1-14.6 88.5 1650 Non-permeable tungsten carbide alloys, often used as sealing rings and non-permeable wear parts.
YN15 13.8-14.2 86 2300
YN20 13.4-13.8 82 2500 Non-permeable tungsten carbide alloy, often used for shaped magnetic forming moulds.
YN25 12.6-13.2 79 2400 Non-permeable tungsten carbide alloy, commonly used for punches in magnetic field forming dies.

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