Wear resistant Solid tungsten carbide plates blank or carbide board

Wear resistant Solid tungsten carbide plates blank or carbide board

【Item】Wear resistant Solid tungsten carbide plates blank or carbide board

【Grade】YG6/YG8 tungsten cabride


【Specification】According to customer requirement


【Brand】HAO Carbide

【Country of Origin】ZhuZhou,China


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Product info

Tungsten carbide plates are also named as tungsten carbide sheets, square plates, flat stock, and flat bars. They are made from tungsten carbide, which is harder than many materials in terms of corrosion resistance and wear resistance. So they can be used in woodworking, metal machining, and molding industry. All our carbide plates have been stress-relieving HIP sintered in order to gain resistance to corrosion, pitting and cracking commonly experienced during machining.

Tungsten carbide plates is also an excellent material for making high temperature resistant parts, wear resistant parts, anti-shielding parts and corrosion resistant parts. When using tungsten carbide plates, the appropriate material should be selected according to the application.

Cemented carbide, also known as tungsten carbide alloy, is made of high quality tungsten carbide + cobalt powder mixed by formula ratios and sintered by pressing, with high hardness, high strength, high wear resistance and high modulus of elasticity, belonging to the powder metallurgy industry. Cemented carbide as the teeth of modern industry, carbide tools play a fundamental role in promoting the development of the manufacturing industry.

Applications of tungsten carbide plates

Cemented carbide sheet has excellent warp hardness, high hardness, good wear resistance, high modulus of elasticity, high compressive strength, good chemical stability (resistance to acids, alkalis, high temperature oxidation), low impact toughness, low coefficient of expansion, thermal and electrical conductivity similar to that of iron and its alloys. Silicon steel sheet, cold rolled sheet, suitable for making drawing dies, wear resistant parts and die cores for stamping accessories and carbide automatic presses, etc., using good strength and impact toughness, lower wear resistance than the above alloys. Top forging dies for large loads, such as those used for screws, rivets, etc., also for stamping dies. Extrusion dies. Punching and cutting dies etc.

Grade of tungsten carbide plates.

Grade Grade ISO
Cobalt content % Density g/cm3 Hardness (HRA) TRS    Mpa
YG6 K10 6 14.85 90 2150
YG6A K10 6 14.65 92 1850
YG8 K20 8 14.15 89.5 2400
YS2T K20-K30 15 14.2 92 2350
YL10.2 K20-K30 10 14.4 91.5 2400
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